Our approach to this assignment will be to set up an application that is user friendly and will deliver the expected results in the shortest time possible; with the following as the main steps

Step 1: Proof of Concept

Adetech Resolute would like to begin the Assignment with a Proof of Concept i.e. getting to understand in details the systems already in place with the available Reporting Forms, Templates and Procedure already existing in the company to design proper layouts on how to automate the system and ensure lean transition.

Step 2: understanding the Client’s Needs

The developers will closely evaluate the client needs and translate them into achievable milestones.

Step 3: Development of the Application

The developers will then embark on developing the application in close contact with the client or client’s representative the desired system. This system would continually be customized as per the User Feedback on improvements, making it more user friendly, design reports generation as per the management needs and requirements.

Step 4: Deployment & User Acceptance Test

The system will be deployed on the Live Server and the system administrator and Users taken through each of the Functionality and Modules

Step 5: Knowledge transfer- Training the system Admin & End Users

Training for both the System Administrator and the end users shall be conducted and the users will be expected to train others who may not have attended the training sessions. The Training for System Administrators would have extra Session to shed more light on the Platforms & Frameworks on which the application is built on. System configuration shall also be trained to the administrators.


Why us?

We always use industry best standards and practices with main focus on this areas:
o Usability
o Speed
o User friendliness
o Security
o Responsiveness
o Eye catching design