What are the many benefits of utilizing our customized systems?

Provide a business with a real-time detailed reports.

This allows businesses to assess their operations and identify areas requiring improvement. The business can then implement strategies to improve operations. Real time reports are available on demand either daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual or in any other favored timeline.

Allows for improved customer service.

Transactions are processed much quicker, item that are scanned for their price are accurate which lessens sales discrepancies. There is also a wide selection of methods to take payments such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards...etc.

Provides an efficient method of managing inventory

By being able to view in real time what is selling, they will be able to reorder products that are running low. Software will also let you know when you need to reorder a product. Businesses can also keep track of the time of day that certain products are selling so they can arrange marketing displays around peak selling times. As well, businesses will spend less time on paperwork, accounting, inventory management, sales record keeping, as well as managing such programs as marketing, special advertising programs, loyalty programs, discount programs, and much more

Easy management of HRM and Payroll.

. This is an effective way of maintaining employee records, tracking their performance, disciplining and sanctions. The system also allows for the processing of payroll taking to account various statutory deductions as per the laid down state regulations.

Easy to learn and use.

Available to train staff and management on how to use the system. It is also easy to install and maintain. As well, software can be integrated into other applications so that all areas of business management can be viewed in one central place. It gives the user better control of the business. As well, technical support is only a phone call away

Allows flexible payment options.

Not only is online payment allowing consumers to experience a better shopping experience, but some of the offered merchant services also allow businesses to better manage their merchant account. As retailers accept credit card the hassle of using cash is eliminated

Financial Management:

Keep track of business accounts on assets, equity, liabilities. The system also allows for cashflow management with bank reconciliations and optional real-time update for receipts and payments

Best standards and practices

At Adetech Resolute we provide the following services:
Development and customization of web based ERP, Systems, Websites and Mobile Apps
Installation, training and support for our systems.
Webhosting and cloud based data storage

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POS and websites

Streamline your business operations and increase your online presence with our all-in-one POS and website solution

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ERP systems

Streamline your business processes and improve efficiency with our powerful ERP system

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inventory management system

Keep your inventory organized and up-to-date with our software

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Get your payroll done quickly and easily with our software